Effective Use of Social Commerce & Livestreaming for Your Business

Live Webinar • Monday, April 20th • 8pm SG Time (GMT +8)

Jeremy Lai - Performance Marketer based in Singapore

Jeremy Lai - Performance Marketer, Founder of DMC

Ethan Ang - Enterpreneur, Former Co-Founder & COO SNH48

Livestreamers brought in 65M GMV for Taobao on Single's Day 2019

In fact it has become a formidable enabler for ecommerce sales and thought leadership in China, who is leading this practice globally, with proof to the pudding.

And yet to many, it is merely associated with gaming and auctions...

We reveal how social commerce can be applied for your business amidst the coronavirus storm, be it B2B or B2C

Social Commerce & Livestream for Business | Levelup Learn

Proof That Social Commerce Has Become an Unstoppable Force

  • $2.84 billion sales were made on Singles day 11/11 2019 via Alibaba Group
  • 50% of merchants adopted livestream to drive sales. 
  • Taobao’s 4000-strong livestream hosts generated 65M GMV
  • This has now exceeded big brands’ sales
  • The platform’s livestream conversion rates are at 32%.
  • Top 2 livestreamer KOLs in China: Viya drove 49.7M sales in a single day, whilst Austin Li sold 15,000 lipsticks in 15 mins
  • Collaboration with Kim Kardashain for her cosmetics brand KKW saw sold out of stock in 15 minutes of livestream collaboration
  • TMall Global Influencer Ecosystem aims to groom 2,000 livestreamers globally. 
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PS: Why Should I Be Interested?

“Existing sales & marketing outcomes are achieved by first spending on media or channels.

We enable it with non-paid means by first building trust and relationships

  • Learn what it means to harness the power of word-of-mouth as effective KOLs do, to sell online. Not by vanity, "follower count" or surface metrics, but by first building trust.
  • Gain clarity on what exactly is social commerce and livestreaming and how businesses are using it effectively
  • The practice is still in its infancy in APAC - there is low competition and opportunities are up for grabs to differentiate and be the leader in this scene, be it as an individual KOL or as a business practice.

Live Webinar

Monday, April 20th • 8pm SG (GMT +8)


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